Better Futures Enterprises is testing a bold idea and a transformational model of success that creates jobs, achieves better results, and reduces public spending.
Our wellness coordinators ensure that the men we employ are healthy across all aspects of their lives.
Better Futures Minnesota provides reliable work crews and focuses on creating part-time jobs, providing hands-on training for participants, and over time, generating income to support our mission.
Life coaches are provided to Better Futures Minnesota men as part of our commitment to getting them back on their feet.
Darryl Lindsey, COO, Fred LaFleur, Board Member, and Steve Thomas, President & CEO of Better Futures Enterprises discuss creating pathways to restoration for high-risk men with Al McFarlane on Conversations with Al McFarlane show.

How Better Futures Enterprises Works

Better Futures Enterprises (formerly The NetWork for Better Futures) is bigger and more ambitious than a program. We are building a movement that supports personal transformation of high-risk men. We have developed a new model of success that provides four fundamentals–housing, jobs, health, and coaching–supported by meaningful relationships and a vibrant community.


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Who We Are