Healing Core Hurts

Better Futures intentionally engages and embraces high-risk adults, largely Black men, living in chronic poverty with histories of incarceration, homelessness, persistent unemployment, behavioral health issues, and untreated physical health conditions. Economic forces, especially post-recession, hinder their ability to work and be productive. These men face circumstances and systems that keep them locked out of mainstream society and locked into a cycle of re-incarceration, homelessness, untreated mental illness, addiction, and dependency on public services. This vicious cycle comes with enormous costs to the men, their families, our society, and public sector budgets; it is not sustainable.

Attempts to improve care or control spending on this population have mostly failed due to the proven inefficiencies and limited effectiveness of using multiple providers and public systems to deal separately with the challenges high-risk men face. Nevertheless, the men of Better Futures are important, valuable, and deserving of respect. They are resilient and ready to work. Men in Better Futures are deeply committed to making positive changes in their lives in order to live productively, reconnect with their families, and reengage with the community.

Please join us in the ambitious social endeavor.  Hire a crew.  Purchase goods from our warehouse.  Support the dismantling of costly, ineffective, and inefficient policies and practices that are crippling government while at the same time locking men up and out of opportunities to become productive citizens, fathers, employees and neighbors.

Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams, PhD

President and CEO

How Better Futures Enterprises Works

Better Futures Minnesota (formerly The NetWork for Better Futures) is bigger and more ambitious than a program. We are building a movement that supports personal transformation of high-risk men. We have developed a new model of success that provides four fundamentals–housing, jobs, health, and coaching–supported by meaningful relationships and a vibrant community.


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