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Better Futures Minnesota (BFM) is a social change enterprise that is bigger and more ambitious than a program. We are building a movement that supports the personal transformation of high-risk men and the building of healthy, vibrant communities.

By setting high expectations and providing direct access to resources essential for personal transformation—housing, behavioral health and primary health care, employment, and community re-engagement— Better Futures participants are offered the opportunity to become contributing and productive members of society. The result: a man transforms from a “client” who consumes expensive public benefits to a healthy wage-earner and taxpayer who pays child support and is no longer chronically dependent on public support and programs.

Whether intentional or not, our society has turned their backs on a group of people, overwhelmingly African American men, who are labeled as chronically homeless, chronically unemployed, frequent offenders, and frequent users.

The systems and practices meant to supervise, punish and/or treat these men have locked them out of opportunities in mainstream society and locked them in a perpetual cycle of violence, dependency, unemployment, homelessness, emergency care, and incarceration.

The cost of maintaining these systems is enormous. The economic and social costs to taxpayers and the human costs to the men and their families are significant and unsustainable.

Better Futures Minnesota exists to break the cycle dependency and reduce the human and financial costs it generates.

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